blue is the colour of

never seen

never sailed

never said


two blue hearts made of paper


was so easy

so much fun

like hide and seek

the one i looked for

and hid from

changed each time

i played it

as I fell in love

so quickly

my eyes saw

their beauty

my ears heard

their jokes

oh so funny

true love

was nothing like it

when I finally felt it

it changed my being

so easy

yet so crazy

made me silly happy

oh so dizzy

it wasn’t hide and seek

truth or dare, a better fit

but in this version

you told and did

without the other player

asking it

and in the middle

there wasn’t a glass bottle

but two blue hearts made of paper

beating, only together

as I fell in true love

so deeply

my eyes saw their beauty

and my ears heard their story

that ended happily


one of the hardest things in life

is to simply accept someone

for who they are

one of the easiest things

is to strongly hate them

for not being able to change

choosing the hard one

will help you grow

and choosing the easy

will help you destroy

which one will you choose


sitting, waiting, praying

because what else could you do

other than expecting

everything to be as it has been

and it will be surprising

when in the end you realize

nothing will be the same again

but much more meaningful than you could ever have imagined

and that was life’s plan from the beginning

to show you just one thing:

‘believing’ in something

with all your heart and being

is everything that gives what you’re living

true meaning

now has no fears

your fears are not here


the last time you met them

they told you

‘on your knees’

and you were

but then the fire

in your chest

started to burn

so fast

the lion in your breath

started to roar

no rest

and you rose

from your ashes

you left them


in that moment

you knew

‘now’ has no fears